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European Technical Assessment ETA-03/0049/ CE
WILOTEKT®-PLUS tow-layer composite waterproofing kit

Performance specification

1. Surface area (horizontal or slightly inclined surface)

1.1 Preparation of the concrete structural ceiling


Remove sharp surface irregularities. Sweep surface with a stiff broom and clear all dust an particles. Use relatively small depressions to calculate minimum amount required. Minimum amount (cf. 1.4) must be used. Fill relatively large depressions with "WILOTEKT-Elastomerbitumen" polymer-modified unfilled bitumen compound to level the surface and add to required quantity calculation.


1.2 "WILOTEKT-Grundierung" primer ETA-03/0049/ CE


Supply primer kit component and, using a roller or spray gun, apply to entire dry concrete surface (air temperature should not be below 5 degrees C) at a coverage ratio of approx. 0,3 kg/ m2.


1.3 "WILOTEKT-Bewehrungseinlage" internal reinforcement layer ETA-03/0049/ CE


Supply internal reinforcement layer kit component and place on the dry "WILOTEKT-Grundierung" primer layer with overlapping joints of 10 cm, loose laid into the corner (adjoining rising wall).


1.4 "WILOTEKT-Elastomerbitumen" polymer-modified unfilled bitumen ETA-03/0049/ CE


Supply polymer-modified unfilled bitumen kit component (max. hot-melt temperature 200 degrees C) and pour on surface at a minimum rate of 2,5 kg/ m2 (cf. 1.5).


1.2 + 1.3 + 1.4 = first layer of Composite waterproofing


1.5 "WILOTEKT-Polymerbitumen-Dachdichtungsbahn" polymer-modified bitumen waterproofing sheet ETA-03/0049/CE


Supply polymer-modified bitumen waterproofing sheet kit component (Annex A2/ A1 to ETA-03/0049) and apply to "WILOTEKT-Bewehrungseinlage" internal reinforcement layer with overlapping joints of 10 cm, pouring the compound over the entire surface.

1.5 = 

second layer of composite waterproofing


2. Concrete connections, concrete terminations and expansion joints (cf. EN 13707)


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