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Declaration of Performance

Official Journal of the European Union (EU) Nr. 305/2011 of the European

Parliament and the Council

of 9. März 2011

for laying down harmonized conditions for the Marketing construction product

and cancelling regulation 89/106/EEC of the Council

(Text relevant for the EEA)



No. 2

  1. Unambiguous ID code of the product type:

2-layered compound sealing „WILOTEKT-PLUS“

  1. Type, batch and serial number or another feature for the identification of the construction product according to article 11 paragraph 4:

European Technical Assessment ETA-03/0049/ CE

a) WILOTEKT-primer ETA-03/0049/ CE

b) WILOTEKT-reinforcing layer ETA-03/0049/ CE

c) WILOTEKT-elastomer bitumen ETA-03/0049/ CE

d) WILOTEKT-polymerbitumen- waterproof sheeting for roots ETA-03/0049/ CE
(Annex A2/ A1 to ETA-03/0049)

Example: WILOTEKT-elastomer bitumen

Compound sealing kit „WILOTEKT-PLUS“
WILOTEKT-elastomer bitumen
bausysteme vertriebsgesellschaft mbh, A-6370 Kitzbühel
Fire behavior according EN 13501-1:class E
No hazardous substances

kit-component (on package)

3. Purpose or purposes provided by the manufacturer for the construction product according to the applicable harmonized technical specifications:

European Assessment Document (EAD) 030065-00-0402

4. Name, registered trade name or trademark and mailing address of manufacturer according to article 11 paragraph 5:

bausysteme vertriebsgesellschaft mbh (bvg), WILOTEKT®, bvg®,

Kichplatz 1, A 6370 Kitzbühel, Österreich (

5. deleted

6. System or systems for evaluating and examining the reliability of performance of the construction product according to ANNEX V.

European Technical Assessment ETA-03/0049

7. deleted

8. In the event of a declaration of performance applicable to a construction product issued for a European Technical Assessment:

Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik, Berlin, Deutschland

Erteilung am 26. Mai 2017

9. Declared Performance:

Notes regarding the table:

1. Column 1 contains a list of essential characteristics, as they were laid down in the harmonized technical specifications applicable to the purpose or the purposes of use according to No. 3. 

2. Column 2 contains for each essential characteristic indicated in column 1 the determined performance according  to the requirements in article 6, expressed in the form of stages or categories, or through a description of the applicable essential requirements. If no Performance is determined, the letters "NPD" (No Performance Determined) will be indicated.

3. For each essential characteristic indicated in column 1, column 3 contains: 

a) deleted


b) find Location and date of the corresponding European Assessment Document, insofar as available as well as reference number ot the European Technical Assessment used.

Essential characteristics
(see note 1)

(see note 2)

technical specification
(see note 3)



If the Specific Technical Documentation has been used according to article 37 or 38, requirements fulfilled by the product:

10. Product Performance according to numbers 1 and 2 corresponds to the determined Performance according to section 9.


The manufacturer indicated in section 4 is solely responsible for the issuance of this declaration of Performance.


Executed on behalf and in the Name of the manufacturer by:

Ing. Roland von Wielemans

Kitzbühel, 01. Juni 2017

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